Traditional wedding in Larnaca

Traditional wedding in Larnaca

When a traditional wedding turns into an endless, crazy party by the sea, you have #theKOSMIKwedding. Or, in other words, the wedding of Kosmas and Mikaela.

The two days wedding took place at Larnaca, Cyprus, and contained everything that can make such a special occasion unforgettable: reverence, lovely people, dance and, above all, love and devotion.

It all started with the traditional preparation of the people about to get married. The groom was shaved by his singing friends, who also helped him wear his classic suit and tie. At the same time, the beautiful blonde bride was at her house with her own friends and relatives, taking care of her make up and hairstyle. She then grabbed one of her shoes and wrote the names of her best female friends on the sole. According to tradition, the girls whose names would be wiped from the sole would soon get married too.

A few hours later, the couple and the guests were all gathered at the church of Panagia Aggeloktisti, at the Kiti village outside Larnaca. Right after the solemn sacrament, the newlyweds gathered outside, under the strong light of Cyprus. There, surrounded by blue flowers and white balloons they received the wishes and the… rice of the guests. It is common practice at Cypriot weddings to throw rice, as it symbolizes fertility and welfare. A saxophone player was also there to send his wishes in his own, musical way.

But the real fun started at the “Galu Seaside” wedding hall. After an opulent dinner consisting of traditional products, Kosmas and Mikaela dominated the dance floor accompanied by their loved ones. At some point Mikaela sung for Kosmas. One of the most special moments of Cypriot weddings is when the bride sings a song to the groom to express her passion and love. Then fireworks burst at the night sky, making the atmosphere as bright as the smile on the couples faces. This is where Kosmas and Mikaela truly understood that their wedding was an experience never to be erased from their memory.


November 27, 2018



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