Rural-themed wedding at Lefkara

Rural-themed wedding at Lefkara

At the wedding of Petros and Stephanie the rustic simplicity of the Cyprus countryside met elegance, good taste and luxury. The ceremony took place at the village of Lefkara, which is located at the province of Limassol.

As it happens with all such ceremonies, the preparation itself was a unique experience on its own. The couple got dressed separately with help from their loved ones, as the local tradition suggests. A statue made of Paros marble was gazing as Petros received all the care of the typical Cypriot Greek groom. The care was obvious even in the smallest details, like the elaborate square cufflinks of his suit. After that, his relatives said goodbye by strapping him with a long red garland. This is a typical Cypriot ritual that symbolizes the beginning of the matrimonial life. Stephanie was also surrounded by the people she loved. She danced joyfully with them to the music of traditional musicians. With emotions evident on her face, she received the blessing of her parents in the form of burning incense. Then she happily went to meet her soon-to-be husband.

The gold details inside the traditional church of the village were sparkling as the now married couple exchanged vows of eternal love and support. After exiting the church, guests wished prosperity and fertility by throwing rice to the newlyweds. One of the bridesmaids, a cute little girl, was the lucky one to catch the bouquet of Stephanie.

The guests searched for instructions inside the papers with the golden invitation details and letters. “Reception to be held at Dafermou Winery”, they read. It was there that, among the vines, the couple shared their happiness with everybody else. The tasty goods inside the plates, the flowery red details of the cake, the exquisite wines and champagnes all revealed the careful planning of the reception. But at the end of the day, simplicity won, as everybody gathered at the dance floor for an all night long spree.

Now Stephanie and Petros have even their own blog, Bride Diaries, and share their secrets with all the people who want to organise a wedding as impressive as theirs.


November 15, 2018



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