Modern-traditional wedding at Lefkara

Modern-traditional wedding at Lefkara

Every couple wants their wedding to be an unforgettable experience. They do their best to provide a unique experience to their guests and to themselves. Leuteris and Myria definitely succeeded in doing that. Their wedding ceremony took place at Lefkara, a small village near Larnaca, Cyprus.

As determined by tradition, the groom and the bride got dressed separately at home. Leuteris got shaved and dressed with the help of his loved ones, who gave him an Emporio Armani watch as a gift. Myria was also surrounded by her relatives and friends. She walked into the living room on her silver wedding shoes and accepted the wishes and blessings of the guests.

Right afterwards she was escorted to the church of Agios Theodoros. Leuteris greeted her with a kiss and they headed to the temple. During the ceremony everybody admired the tall groom and the beautiful blonde bride as they exchanged vows of eternal love and said the precious “I do” to each other.

For their wedding photos the couple chose a natural setting consisting of a stony beach and a nearby plain. The strong light and the quietness of the scenery framed their expressions and poses perfectly. The serious tone of the snapshots was only interrupted by a lovely dog with a wedding ring on his nose and a wooden “I Do Too” sign.

As the day was coming to an end, everybody gathered at Dafermou Winery for the reception. The event was carefully planned by Elena Philipou. Professionalism was evident in every aspect, from the underplates with the gold details to the dazzling furry lights and the wedding cake.

An acoustic guitar player dedicated a song to the newlyweds, who had a dance together. But right afterwards the tone of the music changed into something more upbeat. It was time for some typical Cypriot Greek “kefi” as people started dancing on chairs and tables, taking selfies and waving “I’m Still Single” signs. The rest is history!


November 5, 2018



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