Idyllic wedding at Greek island

Idyllic wedding at Greek island

The wedding of Galini and Giorgos had probably everything a couple could crave for: the idyllic sceneries of Santorini and Pelion, a simple yet moving ceremony and the presence of all the important people in their lives.

The picturesque landscape of Santorini was definitely the perfect prelude to an unforgettable wedding experience. It was there where the couple hired us for an intimate photoshoot at Caldera.

The wedding itself took place at Mount Pelion, at the Greek mainland. The special day began with the bride and the groom surrounded by elegant wedding clothes, posh ornaments and lots of people. The preparation itself was a special experience for them, as they had the chance to receive the special wishes and care of their loved ones.

After a photoshoot at hotel the pool with her friends, Anastasia was ready for the big moment: she wore her wedding dress and headed for the small traditional church where the sacrament was to take place. Her soon-to-be husband was already waiting for her.

The groomsmen, young and old, were a special attraction on their own, as they got dressed in traditional Scottish kilts. Probably the ideal groomsmen for a crazy groom like George! Bar this little fun mischievousness, the ceremony was realized in the proper sacramental manner.

Straight afterwards the couple changed clothes and followed us for a photoshoot by the beach. The newlyweds chose to sit around a blazing fireplace and to be photographed in simple apparel, as the scenery itself was already pretty captivating.

The last chapter of that beautiful day was written at a seaside restaurant. There, gathered around wooden tables, all the guests toasted joyfully and gave their most sincere wishes to the newlyweds.


August 23, 2018



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