Bombastic wedding at Omodos village

Bombastic wedding at Omodos village

It was definitely a most memorable night for Andy and Anastasia. When they proposed in Living Color Festival, an arts festival, many months earlier, they surely couldn’t imagine how bombastic their Omodos wedding would be.

As the founder of the Double V clothing brand, Andy chose his apparel easily. He wore an elegant yet youthful wedding suit. His friends arrived home with lit flares and took care of the rest. They shaved him and danced with his clothes inside a traditional basket named “chestos”. At the same time, Anastasia was also enjoying all the care she could take. Her loved ones helped her get into her Zolotas wedding dress and apply her makeup. Then, they wrapped a long red garland around her belly. This is a traditional way for Cypriot parents to farewell their child as he/she enters matrimonial life. The ritual was completed with a toast, before everybody hurried to the church.

The ceremony took place at Timios Stavros, one of Cyprus’ oldest monasteries. It was a highly solemn and religious spectacle that moved everybody. A few moments later, it was over. The couple were husband and wife.

As the night started to fall, everybody gathered at the wedding hall for the reception. Firstly the guests watched a same-day-edit video with highlights of the preparations and the wedding. Then, the real fun started, with everybody huddling around the dance floor as Andy himself chose the tunes. The bright decorations of Veniz Events set the tone for a night everybody would remember.

A few days later, we had a Petra tou Romiou photoshoot with the newlyweds. Petra tou Romiou is a beach at Paphos where, according to mythology, Greek goddess Aphrodite was born. Thus, it was the perfect spot for two trueloves to get photographed at. Behind fox masks and with torches in their hands, Andy and Anastasia eternally captured their passion on film.


October 29, 2018



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